January 13, 2011

2010 Recap

First of all to my fanbase: I love you. I did not ignore your suggestions/requests/demands for updates because I'm spiteful and want to see you suffer. If I could, I'd send you each a super yummy cupcake as a way to make up and it'd be your choice between 1-chocolate with chocolate ganache glaze and chocolate mousse filling or 2-yellow with chocolate ganache glaze and vanilla custard filling. I think that would increase my fanbase. But since I can't do that, you'll have to settle for a short video of me singing a heartfelt apology. HA! Just kidding. Wow, so funny. About as funny as the lady at the library who walked in the bathroom as I was wrestling a poopy baby and said, "Do I smell a baby in here?" Kick her, Mika. Ok, here's the blog.

Events or Common Scenes for the Rabes During 2010

Rose begins to emerge from the ugly newborn stage

Mika and Rose with their Hello Kitties (Mama Kitty & Baby Kitty)

Mika graduates to a bed

Rose graduates to a high chair

The Dancing Dress

One of many fort variations. Most included the DVD player.

Grandpa and Louise get married

Mika in her super chic dress at the wedding

A blue 3rd birthday...

...with Pinata! (which she tucked into bed and
slept with the night before its demise)

Kayaking excursion

Gasworks park

Classic summer fun at cousin Gabe's

Another childhood classic

Childhood classic #2 - just kidding. I've never been on a camel, have you?
Mika's ultra cool like that.

Cousin buddies at the zoo

Definitely out of the ugly newborn stage

Forget the zoo animals!

At the flower garden. Yo.

The Sistahs. I'm pretty sure Rose isn't eating a rock. Might be a petal.

Hiking Mt. Rainier

View of the mount and proof that I went

The Sistahs in plaid

Rose n Grandma

Rose and new cousin Nyomi

At Maris Farm. This picture is included solely
because that bunny's stinkin cute.

Meeks and buddy Hudson at Maris Farm

Mika picks her pumpkin. Ten times fast.

Rose in (eating) the rose cow car. There was a train of these
pulled by a tractor and when filled with a
bunch of 3 year olds, cuteness factor was high.

Mika gets her first haircut

Birthday number 1 for the Roser

Digging in

My latest hobby.
I wasn't kidding about those cupcake options mentioned earlier.

Cali Christmas - a top notch time

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